PSFU Chief Membership Officer, Francis Kisirinya, Engages at UACC Expo 2022

Francis Kisirinya, Chief Membership Officer of the Private Sector Foundation Uganda (PSFU), actively participated in the Uganda Annual Chamber of Commerce (UACC) Expo 2022. Kisirinya’s presence at the event emphasized his commitment to fostering collaboration, driving economic growth, and promoting entrepreneurship within Uganda.


A Platform for Networking and Collaboration:
The UACC Expo 2022 provided Kisirinya with an ideal platform to engage with industry professionals and explore collaboration opportunities. Showcasing diverse industries like agriculture, manufacturing, technology, and services, the event served as a catalyst for strengthening Uganda’s private sector. Kisirinya’s participation demonstrated his dedication to establishing partnerships and promoting business linkages, thereby bolstering economic growth.


Promoting Entrepreneurship and Innovation:
As PSFU’s Chief Membership Officer, Kisirinya plays a vital role in supporting entrepreneurship and innovation in Uganda. His presence at the UACC Expo 2022 allowed him to interact with aspiring entrepreneurs, sharing valuable insights to navigate business challenges. This emphasized PSFU’s commitment to empowering the next generation of entrepreneurs and fostering a culture of innovation, leading to sustainable economic development.


Advocating for Business Growth and Development:
Kisirinya utilized his time at the UACC Expo 2022 to advocate for policies that facilitate business growth. Through active participation in panel discussions and networking events, he emphasized the need for a business-friendly environment, improved access to finance, and enhanced infrastructure. Kisirinya’s expertise in the private sector added value to conversations surrounding economic development and investment in Uganda.


Francis Kisirinya’s participation at the UACC Expo 2022 showcased his dedication to promoting entrepreneurship, advocating for business growth, and fostering collaboration within Uganda’s private sector. As PSFU’s Chief Membership Officer, his presence underscored the organization’s commitment to supporting businesses and entrepreneurs. Kisirinya’s engagement with industry professionals, sharing insights, and advocating for policies demonstrated his unwavering commitment to advancing Uganda’s private sector and driving sustainable development.

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